The Soul Job.

Think about the idea of a soul mate. Think about that single person in the world, destined for you.  Maybe you don’t believe in soul mates, but you still understand. That one person who fits with you better than anyone else you’ve ever met. A soul mate is supposed to be your missing half, the person who makes you feel comfortable, whole, happy and perfect. Sometimes they can make you mad, they can make you yell and scream, but they’re there at the end and you make it through the tough stuff together.

So now what about your soul job?

This is a concept that I’ve been thinking about recently as I begin my post college job search.

What is my soul job? Everyone must have one, right? That one special job that you’re destined for. The one that makes you feel whole, makes you happy to work every day. Your soul job was made for you, just like a soul mate.

Now the issue is how do you find it? Do you have to do through the dating, ahem, working world, testing out other jobs, seeing what’s a good fit. I would think that, as people figure out what they do and don’t like in relationships, what they’re good at and what they need, the jobs in life will do the same. With each job you will figure out more about yourself, your dislikes, your soft spots, your likes, your weaknesses, your turn-ons (ok maybe not that last one).

So, how do we know? As a 21 year old about to graduate college and hopefully find a job in the real world, how do I know if it’s The One. My forever. My Soul Job.

What if I have options? How do I know which way to go? Will it be like the men, dangerous or safe, romantic or comfortable? Is it going to be a situation of “when you know, you know” and I will realize the first day on the job, this is it? What about the “one that got away”. What happens when the point comes where there’s a chance for bigger and better and you take it? What if you regret it, what if you’re leaving the one you’re meant for?

I mean, do people really need more stress of what their soul is meant for? No. But thinking about it, it’s not that stressful. Sure, you’re going to have to work. You’re going to have to work hard for your dream job. But at this point, I think everyone will find it. The job meant for them, the one that they will commit to, vow to do anything for. The Soul Job. 


One thought on “The Soul Job.

  1. You may find that your soul job is created. I personally found that I had to experience a few positions before I could say I found a job that was a good match. Good luck if you need help let me know! – Gregg

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