The Cliché Road Trip Montage

“I wish my life was an 80’s movie.”

Everybody has them. The things that you wish you could base your life around; the fantasies you wish were your reality. Whether it’s wishing Morgan Freeman narrated your life or you got a letter from Hogwarts on your 11th birthday or that you could spend all your time as a character from a John Green novel.

Here is mine. I wish that my life was a cliché road trip montage.


Let me explain. A week ago, I took a 13-hour (round trip) solo road trip to visit one of my best friends for her birthday.  As someone who doesn’t get a lot of time alone, these long hours out on the road could’ve been rough. Instead, these hours gave me ample thinking time. They gave me time to practice my best Katy Perry impressions and consider my options for the future. I wrote blog posts in my head. I planned imaginary dream events. I finished a pack of beef jerky and two cans of red bull. I was supremely happy.

If I could, I would lead the rest of my life as a cliché road trip montage. I would have someone in the passenger, whether it be my boyfriend, best friends, or family. Sometimes I would take some time to drive alone. I would stop at every pit stop and “worlds biggest” that I passed and I would eat from roadside stands and truck stops and late night diners. I would make epic playlists, with cliché road trip songs (like this one).

It bothers me no end when people talk about how they want to leave the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love other countries and have seen some of the most beautiful things abroad. I love travel just as much as your wanderlust-ful college student. However, I’m a strong believer that you can’t knock something until you’ve tried it. You can’t just up and drop the United States if you haven’t seen each and every part of it. In our own country, you can see mountains, lakes, deserts, oceans, and beyond. You can’t leave until you’ve seen it all, and I want to see it all.

And in the end, I want to create something beautiful with that trip. I want to make something that will share my experience with as many people as I can. As cheesy as it sounds, I want to make my story into an experience. Think, Drew Barrymore and Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown. If you haven’t seen it. Take a minute, then get back to me. I want to give people the magic that comes with a road trip, give them their own cliché road trip montage.

Therefore, if anyone out there has some way of making my life into a road trip montage, please, I beg of you, let me know.

If you do I’ll be sure to let you know if I find some way to make Morgan Freeman narrate your life.


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