An Open Letter to Santa, From a 21-Year-Old Believer


Dear Santa,

It’s been a while. Not that I’ve forgotten about you, life has just been busy, ya know? It’s my last year of college and my last Christmas before entering the “real world” so I thought I’d shoot you a quick letter, between the resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, and other such adult craziness.

First off, I’ve been good this year. I mean, ok, so you know I turned 21. And that Forensics course wasn’t exactly my high point. But, other than that, it’s been alright. (We’ll just ignore St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t mind.)

Anyway, I’ll get to the list part now, if I’m not too old for the business of granting Christmas wishes. Here is what I want, as a senior in college, to find under my tree tomorrow morning.

First and foremost, I’d like a job offer. Now, I’m not demanding, it doesn’t have to come tomorrow morning. But perhaps you could just tuck this little gift away for me to find somewhere before May? Just thinking out loud here.

I could really use some more sleep. If there’s any way to just go ahead and take  all those hours the younger ones are giving up waiting for you, I’ll be the first in line to snatch those. Be sure to keep a few for yourself though, I’m sure you’ll be needing them after tonight.

I’d like a shirt that reads “I don’t know what I’m doing after Graduation” and it needs to smell reeeally good because I’m going to be wearing it the next couple weeks.

I think that either a bottle of Fireball whiskey or any bottle of wine would be of great use to me over the next few days of extended family time. (It’s either that or some seriously effective earplugs, you take your pick.)

If the elves aren’t too busy, an entire closet full of “professional clothes” would be helpful. I’ve looked around quite a bit but it’s difficult to find “professional” in combination with “Vermont winter”. I’m figuring that the North Pole style is probably the way to go.

Now Santa, you know I love when you give me books, and I’m including them on my list this year, but with one minor stipulation. Along with the books can you give me the time to read them? Between classes, work, internships, homework, meals, and sleep, I’ve really lost track of that thing called… what is it?.. oh, free time. So throw some of that in my stocking too.

I know this is all a lot to ask, but I’m not sure how many more of these interactions we’re going to get to have. The time is coming where all you’ll hear from me are curses about needing a damn vacuum or exasperated sighs about needing a bigger stove. Santa, our interactions are going to turn into a business arrangement, the Christmas magic lost in my youth.

So here’s my proposition for you. If I could get any of the things on this list I promise to never lose my wonder at this season. To this day, the twinkly lights and Christmas songs make my heart skip a beat, and I can guarantee to keep that childlike awe alive through the coming phases of life. I can vow to you that there will always be a tree to put presents under and there will be a plate of cookies (or Scotch if you’d prefer, as I’m now realizing what you might actually need this season) waiting for you. There will be a fireplace with stockings and shouts of glee bright and early, each and every Christmas morning.

I hope you consider my proposition with great care, Mr. Claus, and that you have a truly magical night.

Give my love to the Missus and the reindeer.

With Love,

A 21-Year-Old Believer


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