What Life is Like for the Colorblind


Look at this. Really look. What do you see?

I see spots.

Hi. I’m part of the .4% of women in the world who are “colorblind”. Color deficient, rather.

Let’s hit the two main questions first.

“I thought girls can’t be colorblind…”

For one, that really isn’t a question, but it’s usually the first thing I hear. But can I just say, I think that I would know. Just throwing that out there. Yes, girls can be colorblind. On top of that, it guarantees that any sons I have will also be colorblind. Sorry kids.

Second question.

“What color is this??”

Odds are I will be able to answer this question correctly.

I know that this  is green. I know that this is red.

If you were, however, to hold up something like this…

I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

When it comes down to it, beyond colorblind is incredibly challenging. When surveyed, the majority of people with colorblindness said they felt handicapped in day to day life.

“So what’s it like?”

Let me try and explain.

I had to memorize the order of the lights on a traffic light before I could even consider getting my license. Sometimes I still have to ask someone else in the car when i’m on the roads at night.

Many chargers or game consoles have one light. The light is green when on, red when off, and sometimes yellow just to confuse me further.

“Is it on?” “Well, is the light green?” “You know what, I’ll read a book.”

I wear a lot of jeans. You know why? They match everything. You know what else? It’s pretty embarrassing to wear your favorite blue top for two years, only to find out that it’s purple.

Yes, sometimes I question if maybe, just maybe, I see colors correctly and you don’t. Maybe you’re the weirdos.

I cried during Little Miss Sunshine when Dwayne found out he couldn’t be a pilot. I feel you Dwayne. I do.

I like interior design but I will never be an expert at accent pillows. Graphic design will never be a forte of mine. I can’t be a firefighter or work with most anything in cinematography.

Oh, and here’s one last thing. Do not ask the ginger colorblind girl if she knows what color her hair is.

Of course I do.

I think…


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