The Man That I Love


I am in love with a man.

I am in love with a man who is wise and good.


From the moment I was born, he has watched over. Keeping me safe.

He has been there. Joyful.

His pride, it shines brightly.


The man I love is not jealous.

He knows that there are others who have my heart.

Sometimes he leaves me with them, when he must go.

He will come back. I trust him.


This man, he has a good ear.

He listens to me, patiently.

Then illuminates it all. Bathing my world with clarity, when nothing else can.


He is a guide. He is a beacon.

When my life brings me to faraway places, my man brings me home.


He is coy.

He is strong.

He is handsome and kind.


He is my man and I, his girl.

Lover of the man in the moon.


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