Around the Town in 80 Days.

It’s hump day. People are making Geico jokes, dropping cash on extra shots of espresso, and just praying they make it through the week.

However, today is not like most hump days. Today has special significance. At least it does to me. In exactly 80 days, I will be graduating from Champlain College.

Courtesy of Champlain College

Now this particular number got me thinking…

If Phileas Fogg can go around the world in 80 days (or Tweety Bird in the version that I watched…) then imagine what we can accomplish before graduation!

Therefore, I bring to you (with contributions from Ms. Nichole Magoon and Ms. Schuyler Ogren) a somewhat complete list of things everyone should do before graduating Champlain (and leaving beautiful Burlington).


Around the Town in 80 Days

  1. Sit out on Perkins Pier and take in the postcard views.

  2. Go thrifting. Make sure to check out Downtown Threads & Battery Street Jeans.

  3. Go Bar Hopping on Church St.

  4. Get lunch from the Dumpling Lady.

  5. Grab a Rise and Shiner from KKDs at 2am.

  6. Catch a show at the Flynn.

  7. Celebrate Mardi Gras and go to the parade.

  8. Pick a Brewery. Any Brewery. (Magic Hat, Otter Creek, Long Trail, the list goes on…)

  9. Fix your Sunday hangover at Henry’s Diner.

  10. Take advantage of at least one of the free college activities. When else will you be able to eat fondue, get your tarot cards read or learn to knit for free?

  11. Try the fries at Al’s.

  12. Catch a sunset at the waterfront. #nofilterneeded

  13. Go geocaching!

  14. Grab some friends and go all in on a Ben and Jerry’s Vermonster.

  15. Go ice skating at Leddy Park.

  16. Rent a sled from the hub and find a good hill!

  17. Drop some money at a boutique downtown.

  18. Take part in the UVM Naked Bike Ride.

  19. Make a bonfire on the beach.

  20. Take a day to hit the Burlington Bike Path. If you don’t have a bike, borrow or rent one!

  21. Go all out for St. Patrick’s Day.

  22. Check out any ghostly presences at Emily’s Bridge.

  23. Stuff your face with samples as the Cabot Annex.

  24. Spend some time at the ECHO center.

  25. Make a trip out to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill.

  26. Sign up for Free Movie Night. It’s going to the movie theater, picking what you want, and seeing it. Free. It won’t happen after you graduate.

  27. Attend a UVM Hockey Game.

  28. Get all dressed up and paint the town red!

  29. Take advantage of mud season and go wrestling in it.

  30. Head down to Pine St. for an Arts Riot event.

  31. Get a picture with Chauncey.

  32. Attend a Theme Party and go all out. Better yet, host one. And invite me.

  33. Go for a Hike.

  34. Do everything at Spring Meltdown.

  35. Get a tattoo/piercing. (Extra points for a Vermont related tattoo.)

  36. Go fill up on samples from Dakin Farms.

  37. Take a Segway tour when your parents are in town. They’ll pay and you get to learn about the city you’ve been living in for four years. Plus… segway.

  38. Get out of town. Check out another cool spot in Vermont!

  39. See a show at Higher Ground.

  40. Find some cool antiques at Barge Canal Market.

  41. Go Skiing. Go Boarding. If you don’t know how, take a lesson. It’s Vermont, you have to try at least once!

  42. Snap a picture with the Whale Tails.

  43. Take the factory tour at Lake Champlain Chocolates.

  44. Check out the Rail Jam. Better yet, participate.

  45. Grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee at your favorite coffee shop downtown.

  46. Try some real maple syrup at a maple farm.

  47. Perform at the Grind.

  48. Buy some snacks at the Farmers’ Market.

  49. De-stress from the senior year anxiety at Dobra Tea.

  50. Splurge on a wine tasting at Shelburne Vineyard.

  51. Go mini golfing and arcade crazy at Pizza Putt. ($4 all you can eat pizza on Mondays!)

  52. Go downtown on any given Wednesday for half price burgers at RiRas

  53. …or try and get classy at their other restaurant, The Whiskey Room.

  54. Take advantage of Free Bowling Night. Again. Free.

  55. Go to Nectar’s.

  56. Dance the night away at Red Square.

  57. One Pepper Grill. Beer and Fried Oreos. You should actually just go now. GO.

  58. Give some change to your favorite street performer.

  59. Do some Urban Exploring. Burlington has lots of hidden dilapidated gems!

  60. Embrace Spring! Bust out your sundresses or shorts the first day it’s over 45°.

  61. Sit on a bench and just people watch.

  62. Donate Blood.

  63. Decide which pizza place is your absolute favorite. Mr. Mikes? American Flatbread? Bite Me?

  64. Explore the Forever Young Treehouse in Oakledge.

  65. Stay at the Hotel Vermont for a night! Or just save some cash and just grab a drink at the bar.

  66. Visit the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.

  67. Rep the state you love! Buy at least one  item of “Vermont” clothing.

  68. Get the biggest platter you can handle from Wings Over Burlington.

  69. Go out for a game night at Drink.

  70. Find a way to get back into your Freshmen dorm to see it one last time before you go!

  71. Get out on the lake! Walk on out there now or wait a few months and take boat.

  72. Catch an Improv Show.

  73. Snipe a Guest Pass from an underclassmen for a caf meal.

  74. Find a Drag Show downtown!

  75. Wait for a sunny day then learn to longboard.

  76. Go Ice Climbing.

  77. Try something vegan. Probably involving Kale or Quinoa or something.

  78. Head across the border for one last Montreal trip.

  79. Pull an allnighter to say farewell to Burlington.

  80. Shake President Finney’s Hand.

For a PDF version of the list you can print and write on, click Around the Town in 80 Days.

Make sure to comment and let me know what Burlington adventures I missed!


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