Suited Up and Shut Down

It always seems to happen at the same time. The constants in life all enter a period of flux at the exact same moment. The friends you’ve had for years are parting ways, the city that you’ve loved is growing too small, and the shows that have been around through it all are ending.

It may seem dramatic, being this emotionally invested in fictional characters and places. In the case of How I Met Your Mother, however, it’s more than that.

For nine years, the show was always there in the background. The plotlines were debated, the theme song hummed, the characters referenced. The first time that I could drive my friends around, the windows were down, “Let’s Go to the Mall” was blaring through the outdated speaker system. The beautiful camera given to me when I left high school was inaugurated on graduation night and given the name Barney, only to be traded later for his brother James. When I went to college it was a conversation starter with new friends. As the years wore on, it was reason to keep in touch with friends from home.

Did you SEE that? Do you think this is how it will end? I bet it is!

Before the series finale last night, my roommate and I did the only logical thing we could think of to pay tribute to one of our all time favorite shows.

We suited up.

Photo on 3-31-14 at 7.40 PM #5

We hung our Intervention banner. We brought out The Bro Code. We waited for the final call at MacLaren’s with the highest of fives and heaviest of hearts.

And then we watched. And waited. We waited for our favorite show to prove how it had made it’s way into our hearts. And we continued to wait. And then it ended.

What did you think?

What did I think. 25% of my heart was satisfied. Loose ends had been tied. Explanations had been given. 25% of my heart was angry. Why would they make us fall in love with characters and invest our souls in relationships that they were planning to ruin the entire time? Why would a sitcom end in divorce and death and change? 50% of me was a mess of confusion and utter despair that it was all over. Over.

An article came out last week, prior to the finale. It explained why the show connected with millennials. The story-telling generation. The ones set on enjoying the ride over the destination. Well congrats, HIMYM. You crash landed right into the destination. What was the point? The ride was fun, but life doesn’t get happy endings? A hearty congrats to the Robins, but what about the Tracys? The ones who lose their boyfriends on their 21st birthday. The ones who are with the wrong guy for too long. The ones who get the right guy, then die. The ones who deserve to have their story told.

What do I think?

I think the loose ends are (almost) all tied. I think this ending was inevitable, possibly even necessary.

But I think it was wrong. A sitcom, with a unnecessary dramedy ending. A plot twisting the knife into our hearts. Our backs. But I guess, it all came down to a choice. A million choices. As for me, I’m choosing a group of friends walking out of an empty apartment arm in arm over a man holding a blue french horn.



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