For the Love of All Things Pop-Up

I got a job. I got a job that gives me cash money for hard work. I got a job that I can do from Vermont (where I am now) and Maryland (where I will be soon) and Wherever Else (where I will soon end up). I got a job as the Director of Business Engagement for a startup called PopUp Republic.

PopUp Republic is, in the most basic of terms, a directory for all things pop-up related. So, if you’re in the same mindset as my mother, you may be wondering…

Now what exactly is a pop-up, Sweetie?

Well Mom…and others…



1. (of a book or greeting card) containing folded cut-out pictures that rise up to form a three-dimensional scene or figure when the page is turned.

2. denoting a store or other business that opens quickly in a temporary location and is intended to operate for only a short period of time.

There you have it. It’s as simple as that. A store or business that opens in a location (often with little or no warning) and only stays for a short period of time. Then said store or business dissolves into the universe from whence it came, leaving only fond memories, Instagram photos, and the pleasure of knowing that you caught it. You caught the ever so elusive pop-up.

So I’ve piqued your interest? Take a second and find out more about pop-ups on the PopUp Republic blog that I’m starting up! Or keep reading and come back to that. Seriously though, when you’re done with this, check it out. It’ll be right HERE.

So you got a job. Cool.

Now I bet you’re wondering how this relates to you. Or how you can use this newfound knowledge to get an “in” into the pop-up universe. Or you’re thinking about what you want to eat for dinner.

It relates to you! You, my beloved friends, family members, and stalkers of the Internet, must help me out! Check out the Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter. Email me at my fancy new email ( with any and every thought you have on pop-ups. Tweet me. Yell out to the universe for your newfound love of PopUp Republic.

Get an “in” into the pop-up universe! Head to the site, find your state, and lose yourself in the possibilities. Check back on the twitter account! Follow the Facebook posts! Get involved, stay informed, and get excited. The pop-up world is a fantastic world, and you’re just one click away from landing smack dab in the middle of it.


Oh as for your dinner, let’s be real. You’re going to order a pizza.


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